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John Michael Kearney - Abstract Expressionist / Gestural Artist

John Michael (JM) is an artist living and working in the Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona area. JM grew up in the Midwest USA, finally moving to Phoenix after studying Art and Architecture at the University of Minnesota and Iowa State University. Besides being an active painter/artist, JM was a professional photographer focusing on alternative portraiture and editorial photography. He felt very fortunate to have photographed many models, comedians, rock bands, professional speakers, corporate CEOs, and even the mayor of the city of St Paul, MN.

As a result of his love for Architecture, Abstract Expression, Chinese calligraphy, and his photographic eye, JM's abstract art combines strong structural and expressive elements in unique compositions.

JM has recently completed several important commissions for Interior Designers in Chicago, Altlanta, New York and Las Vegas. He has been written up in a variety of interior design blogs, has sold over 60 one-of-a-kind paintings in the past 3 years, has had his art projected on the walls of Times Square, and has been featured in a selection of "gestural art" on the Saatchi website. He's even written and designed 8 volumes of a graphic novel series.

JM is a highly creative artist but is now focusing 100% of his creative energy on his abstract painting, working solo and with galleries and Interior Designers.

Inquiries can be made at johnmichael (at) artneversleeps (dot) com

His online art gallery is

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